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Updated for 2022-2023 Applicants (Summer of '23 Participation)! 

Boys State and Girls State are two programs for rising seniors nationwide.  In Texas, these programs are one week in length held around the middle of June.  If you are selected, the only cost is your transport to/from.  Boys State is at the University of Texas and Bluebonnet Girls State is held at Texas Lutheran University.

  • Boys State is run by the American Legion.  The American Legion is a veteran’s organization for all military members who have served. 

  • Girls State is run by the American Legion Auxiliary, a support organization to the Legion.

     Boys State and Girls State program administration is run by the Rockwall American Legion Post 117.  Members of our Post will be interviewing you one-on-one once the application process closes.

     You should look at the Boys State and Girls State websites to gain further knowledge about the programs.  For the Boys the website is: and for Girls State it is:  


      For a first hand account, speak to one of the Boys State or Girls State citizens that attended last summer.  

These citizens are:

  • Boys State:  Addison Brown, Harrison Steinberger, Ryan Roberge, Jacob Pabian, Tyler Gentry, Tony Favrot, Cameron Knox and Jirdan Ware

  • Girls State: Gracie Cearley, Jacqueline Ghormley, McKinley Melcher, Rachel Pereira, Marifer Montana, Caroline Forman, Gaby White and Avery Richardson

Please take your time with the application.  The application MUST BE TURNED INTO YOU COUNSELOR NO LATER THAN 10/31/22 TO BE CONSIDERED. 

  Thanks to Lorna Kipphut for leading our program. 

2022 Legion Boys State Girls State photo commissioners court.jpg
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